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Easton releases highly-anticipated Synergy stick

June 23, 2014
Easton Hockey, the Official Equipment Supplier of the NAHL and preferred equipment Supplier to the NA3HL and NAPHL is pleased to announce the release of the Easton Synergy stick. 
The Synergy is back and it’s not coming quietly! Easton pulled out all the stops to revive the Synergy name with a stick that was worthy of the moniker.
Synergy HTX Hypertuned Blade
The latest iteration of the famed line will be the Synergy HTX. In this case HT stands for Hypertuned Technology which is an adaptation of what Easton has done for a long time with their NHL players. For each shaft flex the new Synergy HTX will have a matching blade stiffness.
Now a player using a 75 flex stick will have a different blade stiffness level than a player using a 110 flex stick. Pro players have long had their choice of blade stiffness, but in the past customers at the retail level have had one standard blade per stick model, regardless of the flex. Customizing the blade flex and matching it to the shaft provides players with a more accurate stick ‘fit’ and a better energy load for a smoother, more consistent and powerful release.
Synergy HTX Blade Features
Easton took a look at the blade make up beyond just the stiffness, and added a new foam interior that they call their “AirEx Blade Core”. This foam is taken from the aerospace industry rather than the marine industry, which is where Easton typically sources most of their blade core technology. What does switching from a marine foam to an aerospace foam mean to the average player? It may not mean much, but it clearly displays Easton’s commitments to innovation and to using the best materials available to provide a superior product.
One of the things Easton set out to address in the new Synergy HTX was blade durability, an issue that has, in the eyes of some, plagued recent Easton models. To combat this Easton added extra wraps of composite to the toe of the blade designed to provide additional durability, maintain stiffness over time and prevent premature chipping or splintering.
The Synergy HTX will also continue to feature two popular Easton technologies; Dual Lie and HyperToe. Dual Lie is a blade shape (featured on the E3, E28 and E36 patterns) created by Easton, allowing the blade to sit flat on the ice in two different positions. The first is sitting with the heel flush on the ice, ideal for passing and stick handling the puck away from your body. The second is the toe of the stick sitting flush, designed to put you in the best shooting position when the stick is closer to the body. When pulling the puck in tight to shoot, players use their upper body and legs and can fully flex the shaft and blade to create the maximum velocity. This is where the HyperToe comes in. When properly positioning the puck on the blade’s toe the blade will flex in unison with the shaft, loading additional energy to act as a springboard for the puck to maximize shot velocity.
Synergy HTX Shaft Features
The shaft of the Synergy HTX has also been re-engineered. The goal was to improve the kickpoint and the way the stick flexes for a pure load and release. Easton also examined the Synergy line as a whole with the goal of ensuring that Youth to Senior sizes each had the appropriate flex for every player. By doing this they have effectively created a line of sticks with no gaps and enough options that all players can be in a stick that is a perfect match for their strength, weight, ability and performance requirements.
You can learn about about the Synergy here.
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